Fake Ass Friendships with Real Ass Problems

I feel like everyone around me is in a relationship but they’re constantly unhappy.

First, people really need to stop thinking a relationship is gonna make you happy.

You should already be happy with yourself and who you are prior to entering into a relationship.

It’s my personal experience that going into a relationship with the intention that ‘I want this person because they’ll make me happy’ is unfair to all parties involved.

It’s not fair to put that much pressure on someone. It should not be their responsibility to make you happy. It’s their job to be willing to stand by you through anything, to be your partner through life, your strength when you’re weak, your counselor when you need advice, your lover, best friend and companion.

If you base your relationship on their willingness to make you “happy” then what’s to keep you there when you aren’t “happy” with him/her.

Your partner’s goal should be to work with you and not against you. Your partner should be willing to make sacrifices and compromises in the name of fairness.

Relationships thrive on honesty and a little friction. It’s that friction that creates passion between you or too much friction can start a flame and burn your relationship to a crisp. Lol

But seriously, women need to stop settling and men need to stop being lazy. Let’s all make a little more effort and be more aware of why we’re in our relationships and if it’s healthy…